My 7 Year Old Daughter’s Story

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A Leprechaun in My Lunchbox
By: Skyla Harrison
2nd Grade

One day I went out to school with theneighbor, when it was lunchtime I opened my lunchbox and saw a little tinyperson. Not just any old person, a leprechaun chewing on a tiny piece of meat.When he was finished with the piece of meat his belly was the size of a sausageall curled up. I picked up the fat Little Leprechaun and said “How did you getin my lunchbox?” He pulled a little stick out of his pocket which looked like aflute. He started playing the little flute, “Can you even talk?” “Of course I can,” said the leprechaun. “Then why aren’t you answering me?” “Because I can’t hear you,” said the leprechaun. “I can’t hear that good.” “How did you get in my lunchbox” I asked him again. “By magic” said the leprechaun. “Thanks magic.” “You are one weird leprechaun” I said. “So you think so. All leprechauns are like me.” “O.K. then give me your pot of gold” I said. “You look to greedy. Maybe when I get to know you more,” said the Leprechaun. “Let me get this straight. How long are to be with me?” I said. “as long as I’m alive” he said and “ that is that.” “Then let me have my lunch.” “Sorry it’s a all gone, I ate it.” “Darn it now I have to sit here and wait till recess.” One second later. “OK it’s recess time.” I picked up the leprechaun and took him out to recess. All the kids asked me what I had in my hand. But, I said a worm. The kids were too grossed out to ask me again before I left. The whistle blew all the children lined up. While I was in line I thought about the teacher finding out I had a leprechaun in my pocket. I didn’t dare think about what would happen to me. When we got back to the classroom it was math time, we were dividing. The leprechaun just sat in my desk and watched me do math. He picked off a chunk of eraser, my favorite eraser. When I looked in my desk to on check on the leprechaun I was furious. He was chewing on a chunk of my favorite eraser. I got ready to punch the leprechaun. Just then the teacher came over to my desk, and asked me what I had in my hand. I’ve never lied to the teacher before, but I had to. If she found out I had a leprechaun she’d bye the land in a hurry. She’d make the kids slaves while I was in la de da land. The teacher stood in front of my desk waiting for the answer. She finally shouted “Well what do you have?” I didn’t tell the truth “A worm” I said.” “Go throw it outside” said teacher. I slowly stood up. I grabbed the Leprechaun, and ran out the door. I ran to the playground. I yelled at the Leprechaun. “You made me lie to the teacher” I yelled on. “So your saying it’s my fault. I wanted to come and make your life miserable” said the Leprechaun. “Yes I am” I said. “Oh yeah it was my fault. Well, you can’t blame me for everything” said the Leprechaun. “Okay, what’s the reason I didn’t get to eat any lunch” I said. “That’s just one thing” he said. “The reason I had to lie to all of my friends” “OK, OK, OK there are a lot of things that made your life miserable that was my fault. Well, I want to apologize. I am sorry I won’t cause any more trouble with your life” said the leprechaun. “You mean it” I said calmly. “Yes I do.” “OK then I’m going to leave you out here.” When school was over and I got home the Leprechaun disappeared. I never saw him again. I went up to my room and on my bed was a little pot of gold.


Skyla has always shown a strong interest in literature and loves to write. As you can see her imagination is flourishing. She would love to read your comments. Thank you!

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It’s learning time again..

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Well it’s school time again… My 6th quarter at ITT Technical Institute starts on Monday the 12th. I’ve been doing my best to continue my education for a while now. In conjunction with ITT, I will be taking a number of Microsoft certification tests working toward a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). As hard as it is.. I’m trying not to “second guess” my path of study. Since the world unfortunately rotates around Microsoft, their OS Certifications are the most logical choice for an IT professional to obtain these days… In the employer’s eyes anyway. I figure if I’m able to rattle off acronyms like MCSA or MCSE in combo with my 3 years of experience working in the field. It can only help me.

I’m also studying LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

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